GII Symposium 2019 has ended

Paul Z Jackson

London, United Kingdom
Paul Z Jackson is co-founder and long-serving President of AIN. His innovative workshops and writings continue to help pioneer this amazing, potentially world-changing profession of ours.
Wednesday, May 15

10:30am BST

11:00am BST

12:00pm BST

2:00pm BST

3:30pm BST

4:30pm BST

5:30pm BST

7:30pm BST

Thursday, May 16

9:30am BST

10:00am BST

11:15am BST

12:30pm BST

2:30pm BST

3:45pm BST

5:00pm BST

7:30pm BST

Friday, May 17

10:30am BST

Saturday, May 18

10:30am BST